Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year - New Plans - New Life

The year 2014 was wonderful, it was a quiet year after the chaos of building and moving. We spend time together as a family resting and playing games and getting back in touch after a rough 6 months of house building chaos, living in boxes, frustrations, & overall chaos. We rested and got settled. John built the shop he has always dreamed of and we built a fence for the property. Life slowed in July so we took the Foster Parenting classes we had been praying about for years. I spent the next 5 months slowly combing through the paperwork and requirements and rules so we would be complete by the New Year!

October 20 - surprise I awoke anxious to leave with Abby the next day, my birthday, to visit Oregon. Instead I found out, along with my entire company of 17 years, that our company had been sold. I later found out in December that I would be part of the group being let go in March. Wow.

So here I am, my world will shift completely  in the next 4 months. It is all good, God is  good and has been preparing my heart for these changes for many years. I would be a liar though if I didn't say I am a bit lost. I've always known who I was and what I did every day. I worked and taught and kept the house - granted at a crazy busy speed. Now that work is slowing, crawling really and our finances will be cut in half - its a lot for me to take in. I am always had my work, always had a consistent paycheck. I have worked with the same people for 17 years, that is longer than I've been married. Saying good bye to all of that is very hard.

Life is hard and good and changing all the time. I will not deny its going to be rough and hard for me to find my new self, new pace, new schedule. But I know that God has orchestrated all things together for His glory and His ways are so much better than anything I could dream about. So I try to rest in Him and His promises. I will worship like I've never worshiped before and teach like I've never taught before and keep house like I always wished I had time for. I will also get depressed and cry and question too, because those are  real thoughts and fears and changes. But I will overcome because I don't' really have a choice.

I am very blessed and have an amazing family to support me during this transition.

I am also excited to give out of this season of grief - give to the little life that will be coming into our home needing a safe place to find peace and care and  comfort. We are all very eager to welcome in a new child to serve and love deeply on.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

Math 3 - Complete

I'm so proud of Drew, he started Third grade Math in November and has finished all 118 lessons. He is so excited to have completed his Math lessons. I want to praise his diligence and perseverance. It wasn't easy and there were days when he wanted to quit, but with some prodding from his Teacher, he pushed through.

I am so proud of my little Math wiz!

Mommy AKA Teacher

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

6 Things to Get Excited About When Living in the Country

1. Chickens - oh how I love chickens, they are so funny and personable. They are also way cheaper than a horse!

2. I can landscape as much as my checkbook allows!

3. You never know what little critters will be waiting outside the door - this morning it was a cute little box turtle!

4. Coffee is sweeter and more enjoyable on a front porch overlooking the green shaded lawn.

5. Kids have so much room to run and jump and climb, that might explain why Abby only gained 2 inches in height and 2 pounds in weight in an entire year!

6. Family time is more frequent when its done in daddy's new shop!

Saturday, June 7, 2014


 We adopted three male kittens to contain our mouse population. They are so cute! The kids have named them: Lion, Tiger, and Rosebud. Can you guess who named their kitty Rosebud? Abby didn't care that it was a boy, it was going to have a girl name!

They are loving country life, sleeping in the garage and playing with the dog. They are  not too sure about the chickens that come over to the front porch, or the neighbors ducks.

The kids are in love and cart them everywhere. They seem well adjusted despite my children's mailing!
Rosebud & Tiger

Lion on the prowl

See, they fit our family well, even the kittens love books!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

Moving Day and Getting Settled

We have finally moved into our new home. It has been a roller-coaster ride - I keep singing the VBS song - Colossal Coaster Ride -  in my head.

We're at the gate and we can't wait to get inside and ride all the rides......
Colossal coaster world, facing fear, trusting God - with everything that we've got
He's given us the spirit of sound judgement from above
Can't wait to see how He's going to
Can't wait to see what He's going to do,
Through every twist and turn and dive,
Come one, get going!
We've got a ticket to Ride!

It seems very appropriate for this  age and phase of life! We're  facing lots of fears and trusting God. It was a long journey and now we get to sit back and enjoy the country ride and pace of life! We delt with a lot of delays, setbacks, stressed, anxiety prior to our move. We had a death in the family, moved 3 months later than expected, the driveway was removed on the new house only to be put back a month later, we had an easement issue, unexpected travel, the mourning of saying good-bye to our long time companion Kitty.  It was a rough November-January. We grew and were strengthened in faith and the Lord was near to us in all the unexpected chaos of life. We are now in, moved 4/28, and our lot size (1.5 acres) is perfect for our family (not too much to be overwhelmed, but enough to have chickens and a garden and an orchard), the price was just low enough for John to get that shop he always wanted! We feel immensely undeserving of what God has given us stewardship over.  The home we prayed for is perfect and came with many miracles and an unheard of price-tag (low, not high)! The builder was not the easiest to work with, but the price we locked in at last May was well below market value. It was overwhelming to sign on our house and realize we already had 50,000 in equity. The price was below our budget enough that John's shop is going to become a reality. He is beyond excited to start up his Wood Working business and have a stop that will meet his needs.

We have just a few months left of school - we're  diligently working to get it all done, which is easier when you stay home all day and have to plan visits to the grocery store!.

The kids are making a lot of new friends and I'm  enjoying gardening again. I missed the slow pace of life, the simple pleasures of growing a garden and beautifying the yard. Isaiah 58:11 sums up our new place in life. We are delighted with the move and room for our children to play and grow in the Lord. 

We are in a peaceful place!

And the LORD will continually guide you, 
And satisfy your desire in scorched places, 
And give strength to your bones; 
And you will be like a watered garden, 
And like a spring of water whose waters do not fail.

Isaiah 58:11

Friday, January 24, 2014

Inscriptions for Drew - Happy 9th Birthday!

Drew - I delight so much in you. God gave you a mind that thing and dreams and imagines! I pray that you would use this precious gift for God's glory. I also hope that I do not squash your dream and inventions, you are constantly on the move and I find your pace very exhausting,  This year you grew and matured into a boy right before my eyes, You are now able to focus more on your school work and care for your siblings. Just last week you had me teach you how to make Pancakes and this morning you got up and made pancakes for your siblings all by yourself so mommy and daddy could sleep in. What a servant heart you have - I love it that you enjoy cooking and caring for others!

This year you are learning at home - you had art classes and jiujitsu outside the home but everything else you have been working on with mommy. I am so blessed to be your teacher and guide you down the path of righteousness. You love our science lessons and learning all about flying creatures. You are especially in love with the hands on science experiments. 

This was the year of many changes - you started showing by yourself, stopped wetting the bed after many years of trying, you said good-bye to Max and Kitty and are moving to a new home in just about a month. Its been a lot of changes and you have handled it all with grace and patience. You are a unique son and I am blessed to call you mine!

  • Purity: Drew I pray often that you would keep your mind pure of heart and your tongue from evil. I know the world we live in has many temptations and I seek God's favor and ask that you would guard your mind and eyes from the evil temptations in this world and walk in the Light with your eyes fixed on Him. I pray your future wife is a godly model of Christ and is being raised to love and revere the Lord.
  • Relationships: I pray Drew would  develop strong relationships with the Lord  - a deep intimate one that will overcome the testing of fire/ May you also grow in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and with men. (Luke 2:52)
  • Protection: Drew,  this world has so many amazing gifts and joys, but there is also evil lurking and I pray that God would be your rock and in him you would trust him to be your shield and salvation. Just like in 2 Samuel 22: 3-4 which says, "
    The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my savior; thou saved me from violence. I will call on the LORD, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies.
  • Personal weaknesses: Drew - I pray for diligence and focus, you have a mind that can accomplish so much, do no let it grow lazy or idle. Focus that energy on the passions and gifts that God has provided to you. Do no grow weary or tired of doing what is good, but overcome and persevere. I pray you would KNOW the word of God - inside and out. I pray you would study and and write it on your heart and never turn away from it. The Word of the Lord is pure and undefiled and it will never send you in the wrong direction - cling to it and lead your family down the path of pure living.

  • Thanks:  Lord, Drew is an amazing child who loves life and all its nuances. He isn't content to know something, he wants to discover that for himself and understand the inner workings of your creation. Thank you for such a dear child who loves all living creatures and is passionate about so many things. I ask that these passions would turn into a passion for reading and memorizing your Words - such a gift is never returned void.
I love you Drew - you are my first born and it was a pleasure to spend 3 years home cuddling and singing and smiling with you, May we spend many more years on that couch reading books like Hatchet and My Fathers Dragon and dreaming with the children of Narnia. I love you sweet child!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Inscriptions for Abby - Your turning 4!

 Abby Mae - my Fairy Princess! You are so full of life, I am in awe of the joy you find in the simplest of pleasures,you delight in everything this world has - especially markers, scissors and glue. You love to create, you turn the messy into the beautiful. I've never met a child so full of life and passion.
God will use you, like he used Esther, to change culture and nations. You were created for greatness!

I can not wait to watch you love on your children, invest in their lives and bring up the next generation. You will be an amazing mother to the motherless and a kindred spirit to those in need.
Your smile is contagious and draws in the most unhappy of creatures. I adore watching you create and design and contemplate life. Your brothers often complain to me that they "just don't get you." You exasperate them with your constant chatter and inquiry. They love to protect you and remind you of the Williams way. You are a blessing and joy to our home and I am so privileged to be your mommy.

Never stop smiling my dear daughter, that smile in contagious and will change the hearts of all you meet and bring the Lord glory and honor.
Happy 4th Birthday Abby, life with you is never boring or mundane, you light up our lives and keep us all on our toes!

Love, Momma